oh snap as my preused apple red baby tractor/grown up mower dangles one wheel from the bed of my truck

another day when my landfill fairies where not to be had! dang! so now to plan heavy power cords, reciprocating saw and stuff so i can just cut things into chica carrying sized pieces and haul off myself. oh triple dog dang! my apologies to all good dogs. my baby tractor (riding mower) dangles in wait for my big brother’s friday arrival so i don’t get all squishi-ed trying to recover it from the slid out ramp (hey but that little soil slip was worth having my microforest and mini meadow watered at the heaven’s gratefully opening). dangle the baby tractor must cause i also promised my dad I’d wait for assistance. tomorrow as I await the rains and brother, I’ll clear the trailer of previous load and then build bed frame for my soon to arrive bro guest.

so without much of a digital or phone signal functioning and being pretty much done for the day, it’s time to decide between my freshly arrived video series and solos…hmmm…planet of the apes, terminator, logan's run, westworld, riddick, I am legend, the book of eli, v for vendetta, or the dark crystal. this list probably reveals way too much about me. I have to admit besides being on sale super cheap there seems to be a pattern here. the books are ultimately better but I am a sucker for sci-fi, end of the world survival stuff even in the form of these silly movies. besides I've never had a video collection before and had to start somewhere so sci-fi end of the world as we know it seemed the place to start. next set will include my other loves–chitty chitty bang bang and similar child like fantasies. —oh time passes and yay! I really love the new (prequel) planet of the apes!!! planet of the apes was my first sci fi as a kid and my first drive in movie as I lay atop a split level pale green station wagon with laura williams in fifth grade.


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