it is a gift

the morning mist has passed and the still low slung sun blinds me as i sit hovering in its warmth. I thumb out thoughts as it passes through my lids reminding me to stay awake in this moment. it's brilliance does not let me drift to far inward where I might get lost for extended breaths of unwanted thoughts. and my thumbing of thoughts in reply to the sun brings and keeps me in the moment. the body can only be now. it cannot drift forward or back in time. it can only be now, here, in this place unlike the mind and heart. it is the interaction of the light with my body and the physical motion of my digits that link me back to now. this is why I need my hermitage with its unpeopled microforest. it is a gift and I accept it. this is why I make art. it is a gift. Theologian C.H. Spurgeon once said, "It is easier to save us from our sins than from our righteousness."


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