2012 day 24 | I can’t count, who’s counting anyway? oh yeah. me.

since I already "decidedly so", I've whole heartedly still concur again, this morning, this midday, and again this mosquito biting mid afternoon in the woods that …

"i've quit my job, put hermitage on market, Dopty on plane, hired shipping crew to haul my things, blew texas and my grandgirls a kiss goodbye. texted my m&d a hug. I'll adjust to the season called winter.

I am keeping my key.

oh yes, and I will require more blue oar pan seared scallops…and that pizza with mushrooms and such, but no onions." we'll discuss my budget at a later date.

oh alright, alright. I know. not really. but I think it is a good idea. I mean I would miss my WASHers, grandgirls, and such.

obviously I need to work on my non -bucket bucket list and set my freaking course, quit noggin and cast into the next five or ten years.


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