Week 2 TTH crew checklist [due TH]

read/research/write (store in VJ) 

  1. read up on gestalt–proximity, similarity, continuance, closure (google, AF textbook)
  2. [p1] habit crit write up. use guide and address issues of scale, distance, relational shifts, density and relative placement within the square format. NOTE 5 things you learned either from the habit crit of your problem solving or from a peer review.


  1. generate two – three new thumbnails for proximity, for continuance, for similarity breaking the habits identified in today’s crit.
  2. [p1] strategy step 2 — render with sharpies (dots must be solid, no outlines) the top 5 strongest compositions for each concept on 5×5″ white cardstock or bristol paper. You will have a set of 15 well crafted bw dot comps (5 – proximity, 5 – continuance, 5 – similarity)—5 x 5”. Due next studio laid out on table tops 9:30 am for process critique 

materials for next studio

cardstock/Bristol or inkjet matte photo paper, black construction paper, sharpies


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