day 20 | habit

ha.. . reading the text, the power of habit, and laughing as it clearly supports the way i developed the structure and content of the entire first day of WASH, Workshop in Art Studio + History, along with the pace of that first crazy few weeks of making. all of which are critical to the flow and expectations for the entire semester. scope, sequence, structure, content and delivery is imperative if the goal is critical thinking, self reflectivity (both of product [choices-material, method, content, context, form] and process) and application. probably why it has been copied and repeated. learning [creativity] requires at some level the unpacking of our chunking, habits and assumptions of mind and movement in both cognitive and real space. the book is very good, the research studies of interest. i do enjoy when the data supports what i have developed intuitively. i developed much for the program–initial structure that sets the pace and intense programatic expectations, community/table team based studio setting, guided individual nonverbal (crit guides) as well peer team process and end crits, the silliness of implementation of game show TV like crits right down to people choice (peer) awards, cyber presence, object study/research guides, projects unique to program, etc. i will miss the development and my WASHers. i am thankful that i publicly documented my teaching process every semester via course blogs and will absolutely not miss the gaminess of the unnecessary political arena.

speaking of habits, this was a good first test run. though foam is still far too flat, shallow, but good test run. the forms are reminiscent but not quite right yet.


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