happy accidents and dirty wombs (now i've got your attention. ha)

I like happy accidents. I’ve always tended to follow their lead. it is the same way i approach a text or concept in art, in life. i do my homework, a tad of research, but usually i follow the tangent that arrives through accident or random synchronicity between things not expected to synch. i inwardly laughed this even as a sat in a lecture, the content approach described / presented as novel. me, i just thought everyone arrived and explored that way. i realized through the evening that no everyone does not and a guide may be necessary. typically i attend lectures because they feed sideways thinking. they help me explore more intuitively entering a topic or idea in a nonhead on way. art openings and socials really do almost nothing for my interior world, tethering or what may come of that, on the other hand, a lecture helps me find sideways links as my current thinking and the lecture mentally play back and forth. in reality this lecture i attended, or initially scheduled to attend, was almost purely for the social contact (I do love my woods but frankly I live in a de-people microforest). so just sitting between two souls that i’ve known for maybe twenty years, tethers me. i don’t even really need to speak to them, just snuggle down in the space of knownness and let my mind flit about the lecturer’s topics. the other thing that struck me as funny was that his approach to breach the threshold of knowingly unknowing in things of the spirit mirror the same threshold i advance in the process of accessing and manifesting some art object, space or event. the parallels between the mystical and the creative are so amazingly aligned. anyhow, i listened, smiled, snuggled down and enjoyed the happy accident of the verbal linking, dirty womb (now that could manifest in some typicsl kathy art)…not that he tied those two words together directly, they just jumped there on their own within my mind. ha. and actually the two words played well into the lecturer’s lesson. 

i arrived at the studio afterwards and noted the instantly happy accident of the loss of a spherical orb with its remnant re-membered. it speaks to me, much in the same way the arrival of the pup has done. I’ll trust these leadings and learnings. ha, the vacated space even spoke of the dirty womb–isn’t that the source of so many of our ideas. they manifest in our dirty wombs (don’t go literal on this comment).

things tend to arrive when they should, when they are needed. not necessarily on my timeline, but it would seem when the need is right and the niche or womb is ready.


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