Homework assigned Wednesday, 2/23

2D—Mark Making 2/23 HW

Gestural emotive marks via smudgy charcoal, rag, and eraser

Three drawings for three distinct pieces of music (total= 9 drawings)
Listen to music and repetitively use a gesture that suggests the mood of the music (repeat gesture for 5 minutes). You may also want to experiment with repetitive smudging along with the marks. Minimum size 11×13.

Ghost marks
Two drawings for two distinct pieces of music (total= 2 drawings) Minimum size 11×13.

Drawing ONE, STEPs

  1. Draw repetitive gesture dictated by mood of music for 3 minutes.
  2. With rag, wipe away drawing
  3. Repeat #1 to same music
  4. With rag, wipe away drawing
  5. Selectively erase residuals lines or smudges to create negative space
  6. Repeat #1 for third time
  7. If needed, erase more

    by Krystal

    by Katy

Drawing TWO, STEPs

  1. Draw repetitive gesture dictated by mood of music for 3 minutes.
  2. With rag, wipe away drawing
  3. Repeat #1 to same music
  4. With rag, wipe away drawing
  5. Repeat #1 for third time
  6. With rag, wipe away drawing
  7. Repeat as many times as you choose to build up surface for next step
  8. Draw a repetitive gesture dictated by mood of music for 3 minutes with your ERASURE
  9. If drawing feels done, so be it. Otherwise repeat any of the above steps to your hearts content
  10. Use any mark making method we have tried so far on creating a representational drawing.

Choose method we used in class or homework and use that one method for entire drawing. (1 drawing) ?????

FINISH Story LINE revision and post to blog

sample rewrite The other side by Zach

I abandon the house and head for the field,
Where the grass has grown too tall to cut.
Towering above the grass is a lone pine, whose trunk is like a silo.
The smell of diesel drifts through the air as I pass the tool shed.
I reach the fence and carefully grab between its barbs.
As I push down, the staples growl until I release them back into silence.
I walk down to Bell’s pond where cows wade in the dark water.
They don’t seem to mind the rocks skipping past them.

I abandon the house and head for the pines.
Slipping through lines of spindled rust
I enter a new world that smells like sap.
Spiders stitch webs in fallen needles
And crows lay eggs in broken tree tops.
I run through the corridors of cedar saplings
And leap across a shallow creek with steep embankments.

I abandon the house and head for the pond,
With a friend and a boat in tow.
We have trouble getting it over the fence,
And end up having to toss it.
Carrying it through briers and honeysuckle bushes
We make our way down to the pond.
The instability is apparent as we watch the boat
Rock violently in the muddy water.
Heedless to its warnings, we grab sticks
to use as paddles, and climb aboard.
Blinded by a false sense of bravery
We push off from land and begin to paddle.
Grins sweep our faces
Until the boat topples us into the water.

I abandon the house and head for the fort.
I jump the fence in the corner of the yard
Where the thick posts provide good footing.
The ladder shakes as I hurry up its rungs.
I sit down in the fort’s cedar belly,
Surrounded by names and sayings carved into its sides.
My pellet gun rests against the wall as I scan the surrounding trees.
A pine cone at the end of a branch comes into view and I put a pellet in the chamber.
I raise the gun and find the cone with the scope.
Holding my breath, I squeeze the trigger, and watch the pine cone fall to the forest floor.
The wobbling branch sends birds from their nests.
They are too simple to know I would never harm them.

MATERIALS (for Monday)
ink, lots of paper, cup or large mouth object for ink, a large assortment of non art objects to dip in ink, funnel if you already have one

Bring all drawings to class

HW 2/21 on blog
HW 2/23 on blog
Story LINE rewrite

3D—Monologue pre-Friday homework

Complete lists from lecture on mapping and use as source material for developing MONOLOGUE IDEAS…before FRIDAY

Harvest ideas from mapping lists for raw source material or inspiration for your monologues which can take the form of rant, chant (original), chewing out, persuasive, state of the __ address, humorous, declaration, manifesto, diatribe, converse, homily, debate, sermonize, pitch, soapbox, pep talk, instruct, scold, scoff, telling off, give a talking to, berate, reprove, praise, beg, dress down, lambast, call down, chew out, acclaim, commendation, eulogy, tribute, laud, debate, bombast, tirade, or a confession.

sixty seconds
no cuts
no editing
YOU (only)
Choose two distinct monologue forms
Language based (you = sound symbols from your mouth)

things to consider

background within shot
peripheral (distractions?)
framing shot—close up, ultra close up, medium, etc
camera angle—bird’s view, worm view, etc
facial expressions—eyes, mouth, etc
body mannerisms—hands, posture, etc
voice (loud, soft, variations, steady?)
energy of monologue
(expected relative to topic or counter on purpose)

review, revise, reshoot once
review, revise, reshoot twice

Two different monologues, 60 seconds each,
harvest content from mapping lists (your life)

shoot 3 of each (totaling 6)
upload to an account you create for yourself with www.youtube.com
email me the url for each video (in one email) before Monday
you may have to setup an account but you should be able to do this via your blogger/google login and password (I did)
embed all six in one post on your blog

Burn all six to cd or dvd; write your name, WASH Spring 2011 and Monologue with sharpie

MATERIALS (for Monday)
Monologue necessities
CD/DVD with your six monologues
Video camera (camera, phone, laptop)
Spare batteries, charger, transfer cables

Final images of MM along with insights of class crit
Post 6 monologues to blog. Title Monologue ______ Rant, Confession, or whatever method you chose, etc…

Bill will present more info on Monologues this FRIDAY


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